Tell DA Bill Grady to hold the #BeatUpSquad accountable!


  • Samuel Harrell, a black prisoner diagnosed with bipolar disorder, was beaten to death by up to 20 corrections officers at Beacon’s Fishkill Correctional Facility on April 21, 2015. Officers spewed racial slurs as they brutalized him and threw him a down a flight of stairs.

  • This is kind of heinous prison brutality is rampant throughout New York State and often goes unaddressed.

  • On August 27th, members of the community stood/protested outside of Dutchess County District Attorney Bill Grady’s office and demanded that he file homicide charges against all officers involved in Samuel Harrell’s death.

  • He still hasn't acted so let's keep the pressure on because #BlackPrisonersMatter! #StandWithSam!

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948 1 year ago sharon guadano NY This is appalling and sadly it is estimated that more than 20% of prisoners have mental illness. This is one of the issues that NAMI is working on. It is not only a black issue but a mental healt...
947 1 year ago Anonymous NY
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This petition was created by Samuel Harrell's sister Cerissa Harrell, widow Diane Harrell, and the Hudson Valley Black Lives Matter Coaltion.