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Mel Watt: Meet the Faces of Eviction

Mel Watt, head of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, is evicting and foreclosing on thousands of families. Everyday, children are forced to leave their homes, schools and best friends.  

Families and their advocates across the country fought hard for President Obama to appoint Mel Watt to Director of the Federal Housing and Finance Agency, hoping that he would stop the suffering in our communities.  But after a year and a half as Director, Watt has failed to provide relief for these families, and instead is putting them out on the street!

This Wednesday, September 30th, we are delivering this petition to Mel Watt. We hope to reach at least 4,500 signatures, so please share this link with your friends and family! 

On September 30th, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congressman Mike Capuano and hundreds of homeowners and community advocates, are converging in D.C. to say “No” to HUD and FHFA’s sell-off of homes and neighborhoods to Wall Street speculators.

NOTE- After you sign this petition, please visit our tumblr site, facesofeviction.tumblr.com, to see the stories of families and people who at risk of eviction or have been kicked out of their home.  Also, if you have been evicted by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, please share your own story.

This petition has a goal of 4500 signatures
1-25 of 4535 signatures
Number Date Name Location Share with Director Mel Watt ...
4535 7 months ago erin yarrobino ozone park, NY
4534 1 year ago Anonymous Lynn , MA We need affordable housing this way more people can buy homes and be owners.
4533 1 year ago erin yarrobino ozone park, NY
4532 1 year ago Sondra Cornejo Temple City , CA
4531 1 year ago Google me jeffreydavidmorris Google me jeffreydavidmorris Los Angeles, CA LA: 44,000-under 100,000 homeless!

LA - pumping out 13,000 new homeless a week!

No one loves YOU more than Jesus! Luke 9:24 - self deny < Jesus's example. Homeless 5 p...
4530 1 year ago Nancy Chismar Edison, NJ
4529 1 year ago Anonymous CA
4528 1 year ago Grant Fujii Portland, OR
4527 2.1 years ago Daniel Verinder MA
4526 2.2 years ago sheri moody GArden grove, CA I lost my home which was a bank of america country wide and involved david stearns. He wa the lawyer for countrywide that was found to be breaking the law with everyone else in the real estate indu...
4525 2.3 years ago jennifer tozzi toms river, NJ
4524 2.3 years ago Carolyn Brown Saint Paul, MN
4523 2.3 years ago LaTece Glass PA Nobody deserves to be homeless just because of hard times. I've been there twice, with children and its the most depressing feeling EVER!!!!!!!!!!
4522 2.5 years ago Robert Rivera New York City, NY To help stop the abuse of those who have less, by those who have more, and want it all, at the expense
of the people, who just want a place they can call home.
4521 2.7 years ago Carlos Echevarria Inglewood, CA
4520 2.7 years ago Carlos Echevarria Inglewood, CA
4519 2.7 years ago Owen Gustafson Buffalo, MN
4518 2.8 years ago Dr. Alexander Henrich Hamburg, ot
4517 3 years ago Irene Glassman Jamaica Plain, MA FHFA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have a public purpose which they have strayed badly from: To help people who may not have had access to homeownership be able to own a home. That purpose become very...
4516 3 years ago Helen Goldenberg Tamarac, FL
4515 3 years ago Anonymous MA To stop the selling of homes at a discount price on Wall Street and have them sold back to non-profits that will keep families in their homes.
4514 3 years ago Anonymous MA
4513 3 years ago Anne Erde Jamaica Plain, MA
4512 3 years ago K. Arnone NY
4511 3 years ago Chris Koshute Fond du Lac, WI
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