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9.22.16 - Pledge to Join the National Renters Day of Action

It's time for the #RenterNation to Rise Up, Take To The Streets and Fight Back! 

Across the country rents are skyrocketing, evictions are at epidemic levels and gentrification is displacing our children, our families and our cultures. As more and more of us become renters, and the crisis escalates - it's time for the #RenterNation to stand up to declar our power and fight back for our homes, our cities and our communities!  

Homes For All is calling for a national day of action to declare a National Renter State of Emergency. In at least 50 cities across the country we will take to the streets to end the epidemic of evictions, rising rents and displacement! We call on renters, low-income homeowners, people without homes, families, unions, tenant associations, organizations and all people who believe that we need a culture and policies that prioritize housing as a fundamental human right to stand up and take action by the thousands on September 22, 2016! 

Actions are already being planned in 30 cities across the country across including:

* Atlanta, GA * Boston,MA * Chelsea, MA * Chicago, IL * Seattle, WA * Spokane, WA * Harlem, NY * Brooklyn, NY * Lynn, MA * Long Beach, CA [2 actions] * Portland, OR * Oregon Statewide Action * California Statewide * Santa Rosa, CA * Oakland, CA * San Francisco, CA * Los Angeles, CA * Santa Fe, NM * Springfield, MA * New York, NY * Newark, NJ * Grand Rapids, MI * Nashville, TN * Memphis, TN * Detroit, MI * Denver, CO * Fremont, CA * Pittsburg, PA *

No longer will we sit silent while Wall Street, Corporate Landlords profit off our rent as our children worry where they will sleep! Enough Is Enough! 

Exercise our collective #RenterPower and Take the Pledge To Join the National Renters Day of Action and register your city's action! 

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